Welcome to Eat All About It!

I’m so excited to start this food blog! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just is case, this blog is going to be all about food! I know, so exciting.

To start, I think you should know a little about me and why I’m writing a blog all about food.  I love food, and I mean this quite literally as in I have a passion for food. I am that awkward person that moans when eating something amazing. Yes, people may give me funny looks but seriously when I eat I’m in my happy place.

Everywhere I go, I strive to try something new so I can learn anything and everything about food and cooking. As a fellow Spartan I want to bring to you great recipes that are perfect for our not so perfect kitchens.  Yes we all love Ina Garten (Host of “Barefoot Contessa” on Food Network), but honestly none of us have all of those ingredients she has to make her recipes.  I will find recipes that are fun to make and easier on the bank account.

Feel free to make suggestions for recipes you would like to see on here!

I also love to eat out, who doesn’t? So I will be blogging about restaurants I go to and giving my input on the things to order!

With this blog, I want to get everyone excited about food in general and the cuisine East Lansing has to offer.  So grab a fork and knife and get ready to dig in!


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