The Results Are In!

I am glad to report back that Thanksgiving was a success in my kitchen (although if I had caught the turkey on fire or something along those lines it would’ve made for a better story)!  Everything looked as good as it tasted.  The mashed potatoes had such a great, rich flavor that wasn’t an overpowering garlic flavor.  I was able to not give them my full attention and keep up with the schedule of cooking everything else!

Same with the sweet potatoes! They were rich with flavor and all I did was chop them up, throw them on a sheet pan and forget them; easiest part of the menu.

Now, I was most skeptical about the pumpkin pie, but it was fantastic.  The hazelnut spread (butter, hazelnut, and brown sugar) literally tasted like heaven! I did find that it needed to cook it about 20 minutes longer than the recipe called for, but it was no big deal.

So that was my Thanksgiving. Hope you all had just as successful of a day, and if you tried any of these recipes hope they were just as good for you!


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