Land Down Under

MSU offers some really terrific study abroad programs- I am lucky enough to have taken advantage of a couple of these programs. I spent my spring semester of 2010 in Sydney, Australia. I had a blast and made some great friends. A couple weeks ago I headed back to Sydney and spent some time basking in the sun and enjoying the local cuisine. Australia isn’t a country known for their food, like Italy or France but I am a big fan and want to share some of my favorite things with you.

  1. I LOVE how fresh all the food is.
  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal in Australia. I’m a huge egg fan and poached eggs are very popular there and are much healthier than fried eggs as they are cooked in water. It is very clear that the eggs are fresh due to the beautiful orange color of the yolks.
  3. Vegemite. Okay- I know what you are thinking but 1- you probably haven’t tried it 2- you need to use it sparingly and not spread it on like peanut butter! Vegemite is made from brewers yeast extract, it is really concentrated and has a salty/savory flavor (which often catches people off guard since it looks like chocolate). I love it on grilled Turkish toast, with butter and then a small serving of vegemite. Add a cappuccino and I’m pretty much in heaven.
  4. Asian Influence. Australia is close to Asia so you can get authentic Asian food for a good price. They have the best Thai restaurants that use the best/freshest vegetables. You will also find amazing dim sum dumplings all over the city!

Happy Australia Day! (January 26 is Australia Day- their version of our July 4)


G’Day Mate!





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