Leapin Lizards

Welcome back my fellow Spartans!

I hope you are all dealing with your post spring break depression okay.  I’m handling it; well I guess you could say that, now it’s more of a reality that graduation is right around the corner…YIKES.  Now back to more fun talk. For spring break I went on a cruise and one of the ports we stopped at was Isle de Roatan, Honduras.  This was the port I was most excited to visit, but when we docked it looked like we were at Carnival Cruise Land.  Carnival had created a shopping center and beach area so it was easy for the passengers to get off the ship and find their way around.   I of course could not stay there and had to find what else- but of course the local cuisine! We found a very nice local to give us directions to a restaurant called Ms. Jenny’s Lusty Lizards.  When in our cab I recall turning to my friends and saying “don’t worry guys there is no way this place is in the middle of nowhere”… I was wrong.  But that made it all the better!

Ms. Jenny was the bartender, hostess and server and she was simply delightful.  We ordered the fried conch, and grilled grouper and to this day I am still dreaming about that meal.  I am not normally a huge fan of fried food but this batter was so light and airy it didn’t take away from the conch (which had the consistency of calamari).  My favorite part of the appetizer though was the dipping sauce.  It was composed of pickles, horseradish, cucumbers and I had to restrain from licking up the last drop.  The grouper was next to perfect, melt in your mouth fish.  If I could go there every day I would!

So if you’re ever in Isle de Roatan, stop in at Ms Jenny’s and tell her “Hi” for me (and of course bring me a doggy bag)!


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