Guest Blog Post-A Spartan Reunion in Denver

Hi Spartans, I am writing as a guest blogger for my sister Kelsey. My name is Kara and I am a former Spartan, missing my days in East Lansing but loving my new life in Dallas. This past weekend I went to Denver for a much needed reunion with some of my best friends from MSU.

It was a great weekend that started off with a St. Patty’s Day celebration with our MSU t-shirts and lots of green beer. This weekend was filled with some fabulous meals but I’m going to describe my favorite meal of the weekend.

It was actually a long happy hour at Jax Fish House in downtown Denver. This place had amazing seafood at great prices. Oysters were $1 each, $5 for a bowl of mussels and $5 for calamari. The calamari was awesome, there were six of us and we started off with one order and then ordered three more. It was lightly breaded with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce and clearly we couldn’t get enough. The mussels were so fresh and the tomato sauce it was cooked in was light and not overwhelming.

My favorite seafood we ordered was oysters. I was very impressed with the freshness, they were shucked right in front of us- I felt a little bad when we ordered three dozen. I’m not an oyster expert and it’s hard to describe the taste but if you haven’t tried one you should! I know they look gross but that is deceiving. I like mine with just some lemon squeezed on it but they are served with horseradish and cocktail sauce for dipping. Kelsey and our friends liked the sauce on them. Either way, you should try them. And all of this wonderful food went perfectly with the house cabernet sauvignon I ordered.

All in all this was the perfect afternoon with my friends and some of my favorite food.


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