How the Dog became Hot!

He swings and it’s, it’s, it’s…out of here! I’m glad to announce that opening day has arrived!  Even though the Tigers first game was up against the Yankees, and their terrible curse of winning the last 11 opening games (including Thursday) I think we are all excited for the season to start.  Of course, the best food to pair with baseball is a hot dog, well a beer is one to challenge that, but I thought it would be fun to look into the history of the hot dog.  Now at first, this does sound a little scary because of what is said to be actually inside those dogs but let’s focus on the history.

The hot dog made its premiere in the famous Greek tale Homer’s Odyssey, which dates back to ninth century B.C.  Caesar’s cook in the first century A.D., and Bible scholar in the seventh century were founded discussing “the sausage”, but it is said that the “frankfurter” was developed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1484.  In 1987 Frankfurt celebrated the 500th birthday of the “frank.”  The other name we like to give the hot dog, “weiner” came from Vienna, Austria where they claim to be the inventors of the hot dog.  However, it’s ironic because the man who made the “wienerwurst” received his early training in Germany.

The hot dog made its way to us in 1867 when a German butcher opened up the first Coney Island hot dog stand in Brooklyn, New York.  It is interesting though because the name hot dog was developed in America because it only becomes a hot dog when it is served on a bun. This is different from Austria and Germany where they focus more on the sausage alone, making different sizes and spices.  At the Coney Island stand the sausage was served with sauerkraut and milk rolls.  It is also said that the dog got the name hot at a baseball game when the vendors were yelling out “they’re red hot!”

So, the rest is history on how America fell in love with the great game of baseball and the dog!

Here are three places to get hot dogs in East Lansing:

Conrad’s College Town Grill

101 E. Grand River Ave

(517) 337-2723

What’s Up Dawg

317 M.A.C.

(517) 351- DAWG


623 E. Grand River Ave



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