We’re Doing the Bunny Hop!

The Easter bunny has been hoping down the bunny trail and he stopped by East Lansing to ask me to do some serious experiments this Easter…perfecting the hard-boiled egg.  I have been annoyingly attempting to peel eggs for years now and normally lose half the egg from the shell being stuck to it!  I decided enough is enough and tried a strategy for hard-boiled eggs I saw on the Food Network, and Giada de Laurentiis assures you that this is the perfect way to hard-boil an egg.

I put three eggs in a pot and filled the water to about an inch higher than the eggs. Once the water began to boil I took the pot off the heat and covered it. Then left the eggs for 10 minutes, then placed them in cold water for 5 minutes.  I was so excited to peels these and yep, same old annoying thing!  I lost half the egg in the shell and eventually gave up and threw the egg away.  So, let round 2 begin ding, ding, ding.  I did some more research and read that you should leave about an inch of water in the pot and peel the egg in the water.  I did this and it worked a lot better but not perfect.  I thought to myself whatever this is good enough, then my mom brought it to my attention that I had grabbed the eggs from the fridge that were already hard boiled for dyeing eggs.  So, if there is one bit of advice I can give you for boiling eggs it is to use fresh eggs and not already hard-boiled ones!

I had to do one more test to find out if I had really figured out the trick.  I boiled 3 eggs again (BTW I was using large eggs) once the water began to boil I covered it and let sit for 12 minutes then placed the eggs in a cold-water bath for 5 minutes.  As I began to peel the eggs in the inch of water the shell basically fell off! Bingo! Easter bunny I didn’t fail you!


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