The English Are Serious About Their Breakfast!

After Friday morning there are two things I am positive England knows how to do: 1. Weddings and 2.  Breakfast.  My friend Becky and I woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding and it was so beautiful (we definitely had royal wedding fever).  I felt like I was actually watching a Disney movie!  Okay, enough with the wedding talk I’m sure everyone has had enough with that now let’s get on to the good stuff…food.  Becky and I also had the grand idea of making a traditional English breakfast.  The English make a breakfast also known as “the full breakfast” and we quickly learned how it received the name!

Breakfast is already my favorite meal so I may be a bit bias towards this, but truly the English breakfast was amazing.  This breakfast consists of: bacon, baked beans, bread, eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and sausage.  I think it’s the flavors of all these that just go so well together.  Yes you are in a bit of a food coma afterwards but who doesn’t love a nap after a big meal!  Try this out one day and impress someone with all you know about the traditional English breakfast!

(We forgot the tomato, but its was still delicious!)


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