From BBQ’s to Barbeques

If you were to ask a Brazilian to make a list of their favorite foods it might look like this

but make sure you’re specific and say Brazilian cuisine because the scribble at the top is crossing out chicken marsala. They will also tell you that at the very least you have to try Fejaida.  Fejaida is the most typical Brazilian meal that is very commonly found at a “barbeque.”   Now I put that in quotations because they seemed very proud to tell us that their barbeques did not include the plastic plate, hot dog, hamburger, and red cup like our bbqs but are a much more sophisticated scene.

Brazilian barbeques are stretched out and if you don’t get there in the beginning you will surely miss out.  They cook steaks, sausages and even whole onions on the grill but they cook the meats one piece at a time. When each meat was done they would take it out and slice it into bite size pieces and everyone would come and try some so you have appetizers for a couple hours.  And meanwhile the grand finale is simmering away which is the fejaida.  It is a big pot of beans and sausage and beef.

Don’t let this picture scare you- it is delicious.

They serve it with rice and a green which I think was kale, (problem with different languages is there are different names for vegetables so no translation) orange slices, and something similar to bread crumbs.

These barbeques I thought were really special because they are a frequent event.  The family we were staying with had one every weekend so it was a great way for the family to see each other and bond.  I know I sound cheesy and as a kid I would have found thought of it like a chore but now as I’m getting older and I like to say wiser, I think this would be awesome!


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