Dine N’ Dash


One of the perks of having flying benefits as a pilots daughter is being able to fly anywhere in America for free.  Like you’ve read in previous post it does have its flaws but this one time it didn’t have any.  I’ve always wanted to fly somewhere just to have dinner like you see in the movies and this August I was able to do just that.  I flew into Washington DC to have my “fly in for dinner trip” and it wasn’t for just any dinner but dinner for restaurant week !

My benefits have always been great but recently when one of my best friends became a flight attendant they got better.  So we were both able to finally fly somewhere just for dinner and to us there is no greater reason to fly anywhere.  We luckily had a good friend who we’ve really wanted to visit in DC so we tossed the idea around with him and the pieces fell into place.

Now when Becky and I go on our trips we like to forget that we are college grads with college grad salaries, which is actually a negative income, but anyways we like to go big. I guess it was a good thing then that this trip was only a dinner trip.   We enjoyed a lovely happy hour at the P.O.V Roof Terrace of the W Hotel, which is Obama’s neighbor.  As we sipped on our drinks we enjoyed views of the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and more.  Here I enjoyed one of my favorite cocktails a dirty martini with a splash of bloody Mary mix.  They didn’t have it on the menu but they didn’t’ have any problem making it so go ahead and ask for it if you ever go!  Then we dined on a lovely fixed price meal at The Prime Rib.  This included a Caesar salad, prime rib, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a dessert of creme brulee! The meal was everything we had wanted and more.  We left full and satisfied Finished the night with champagne and was on the 9 a.m. flight out the next day.  This is my version of dining and dashing.



-P.O.V.  Roof Terrace Bar-


-The Prime Rib-

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