Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?!


It’s fall which means pumpkin season has arrived.  By now I expect everyone has had more than a few pumpkin spice lattés and if you are like me you are on the pumpkin prowl.  Anything that has pumpkin in the title, recipe, or looks orange I’m making or trying.  I love and adore pumpkins.  I have to get my pumpkin fix around this time of year.  I was sitting around looking for recipes thinking to myself what is something I’ve never made with pumpkins?  Then I remembered this very traumatic incident that happened when I was at breakfast a couple years ago in New York.  My sister, friend Sam and myself were at an adorable tiny breakfast place in Greenwich Village (I can’t remember the name; I’ll tweet it if I remember).  I am skimming the menu and see that they have pumpkin whoopie pies.  It took everything in me not to whoop with joy but I kept it to myself.  If it hadn’t been breakfast I was ordering which is without a doubt my most favorite meal of the day I would have skipped ahead and order the dessert first but I waited.  Tip for the day; if you know you will be actually upset if you don’t get to try something at a restaurant order it right away to avoid them selling out.

I almost ruined breakfast for myself by being so excited for that whoopie pie. Any who, I’m guessing you have figured out where this story is heading by now; yes they ran out.  I was devastated, no that is an understatement this was a catastrophe.  Did I forget to mention I’m a bit dramatic sometimes? I must have suppressed the horror from my memory because I haven’t really thought about it for a while till last week when I found the most perfect beyond perfect pumpkin whoopie pie recipe.

This was my first time making whoopie pie but it was a piece of cake, pun intended.  It was a simple batter and filling recipe.  I bought the whoopie pie pans but it is not necessary, you can easily just form a ball on a baking sheet.  But keep in mind the way it looks on the sheet is how it will look once it is baked so make sure to smooth it out on top if you want a clean look. You bake them for 12 minutes than let them cool and frost.  Staying with tradition you must have enough frosting that it is visible between the two cakes but not oozing out when you bite in.  I am not joking when I say this is the best dessert recipe I have ever made.  The cakes are so moist and the frosting literally tastes like clouds. Try this recipe now and then make it for Thanksgiving and maybe even once more in between!  Seriously they are that good!


Whoopie pie was given their name back in the day when Amish women would make them for their husbands’ and childrens’ lunches.  When they would find these treats in their lunches they would shout out “Whoopie.”  So don’t be shy bite in and let everyone hear you shout.  Go ahead and try not to but these are just too good to keep quiet!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie and filling recipe

Photo’s by John Tagle

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