Being a Muggle Just Got Better!



I was in 7th grade when I started reading the series.  I didn’t even really understand the book, I just remember the illustrating on the front of the book and how the boy with glasses was so weird looking.  Yes, I am talking about my first experience with the Harry Potter series.  I like to say my older sister and I are big fans of the books but Kylie our younger sister was the one there in line at 6 p.m. for the midnight showings of all the movies, the one who reread all of them at least three times and the one that got to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter first.  Kara and I are fans but not like Kylie, she will brave any line to get to Harry like the line at the movies and the line at the park during spring break (If that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is). As less diehard fans Kara and I waited until a random weekend in October, hoping for cooler weather and shorter lines.

We boarded our flight with real, paid for tickets.  Yes, you heard correctly I bought my first tickets ever and got on a plane with no worries.  I had to do it. I couldn’t risk not making it back to work. Now onto the fun part though, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We were visiting my grandma as well so we flew into Fort Myers.   We got up bright and early and drove the three hours to Orlando with hopes that we missed the lines.  We were a little behind schedule so when we got to the parking lot and saw all the people we literally ran through Adventure Island ignoring the awkward stares because children are not running and we being adults were; then we were there.  It was 80 degrees and since we were running I had started to sweat but when I walked into Hogsmeade I was tingling as if I was actually there in winter like they had it set up.  The best way to describe the feeling for me is Christmas morning when you are a child, times a million.


They have the music playing and the buildings are so incredible.  We immediately went to the ride in the castle, which was brilliant.  Little tip- wait in the regualar long line at least once , you spend part of your wait in the castle where you see a bunch of the rooms and halls set up but if you want to go on the ride again go in the single line.  The wait is maybe 15 minutes versus the hour and half for the other line.  We did that after having butter beer and pumpkin juice, something I don’t suggest.  We both felt a little queasy.  On that same note make sure you don’t miss the butter beer.  The butter beer and pumpkin juice are DELICIOUS! The beer tastes like cream soda with a sweet creamy foam on top and the pumpkin juice reminded me of apple cider with an extra sweet/spiced flavor, so fresh and light.

It took everything in me to not get a wand; I was completely caught up in the magical world.  Kara brought me back down to the real world and pointed out that I would never have a use for this but still, it’s a WAND. My favorite part was when they were ushering people through lines shouting “muggles this way, muggles stay in line.” This is the only way I am okay with someone calling me a muggle.


I may not have gotten my wand but I did get a chocolate frog; a pretty good substitution if you ask me, it came with a wizarding card!  I’m an official collector now. Don’t worry- I ate him before he used his one good jump!




My Frog!


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