Finally Guy Found It!


I love the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network channel.  I think it’s an awesome show and concept.  It’s like the American Idol for restaurants.  The restaurants that can’t get the word out about their food, in their small town kitchens, that are just as top notch as a those big guys in the city, are given their chance with this show.  We all have those few restaurants in our town or near our town, that are amazing and we love them oh so much.  The Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen, in Clarkston Michigan, is my family’s hidden gem.  It’s about a 45-minute drive from our home to get there but it is well worth the drive and wait.  This place is so good and unique that I guess somebody couldn’t keep it a secret because it received a visit from the one and only Guy Fieri this summer!

Clarkston Union is a favorite of mine for dinner but is my all time favorite place to get Sunday brunch.  They have amazing eggs benedict, maybe my favorite ever and that means a lot because I am an eggs benedict connoisseur.   I may love their breakfast but they are famous for their mac and cheese.  They like to call it the “most macked mac & cheese. Period.”  My little sister can literally not go there and not get it, it’s just not an option for her.  It has a beautiful crunchy crust and then warm ewwy goey noodle middle.  It’s not overly cheesy but perfectly savory and is served with a slice of carrot on top.  May seem weird at first but after a few visits you will begin to fight over the carrot.

Their menu is delicious, fresh traditional American cuisine.  They have amazing specials that are different depending on what is in season and fresh.  Oh and I’m forgetting the best part; the restaurant is built out of an old church steeple and all.  The booths are pews and the stove area is the alter.  They also have 30 plus selections of craft brews that are featured on a huge chalkboard posted on the wall.  Its loud and crowded, but has great character and personality and like I said before great food.

This small town joint just definitely got its big break!

(Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen will be featured on an episode within the next few months)



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