One Pot Thanksgiving!

I have been grounded basically for these past couple months and this has been the longest grounding for me in at least the last four years.  When I say grounding, I’m not speaking of the type of grounding your mom gave to you, but I’m speaking in a literal term.  I’ve been grounded due to my job for the past two and half months excluding my trip to my grandma.  I’m used to going somewhere at least once a month so this is way more scheduled life and way less air time for me.

Missing my old trips I decided to theme a dinner around a food I ate in another country.  Since my little sister Kylie was coming into town and we went to Ireland together I decided on shepards pie.  Of course I immediately tried to think of a way to incorporate pumpkin into it, but then decided why not add to the already international trip themed meal, and make it Thanksgiving themed as well!  I’m starting to experiment and be able to think outside the “pan” with recipes, so I was really excited to make this recipe.

I substituted the lamb for turkey, peas for green beans, added cranberries, used sweet potato mash as well as regular mashed potatoes, and then crumbled dried stuffing on top for a nice crust.  So you have the turkey, green beans, cranberries, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes!  It’s a Thanksgiving dinner in one pot!   I think the Irish might start celebrating Thanksgiving if they tried this recipe!




Shepard’s Pie Recipe

My Alterations:

I substituted the Lamb for turkey, added cranberries which I cooked on the stove with 1 cup water two cups sugar till sweet enough to taste the drain.  Green beans, chopped up instead of peas, added in when you add the rosemary and thyme.  I added sweet potato mash to the top and followed Alton’s recipe for his mashed potatoes.  Lastly, I crumbled stuffing mix on top then topped with cheese.  Enjoy!

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