Talk Turkey To Me

I heard the greatest quote the other day;  “The greatest things in life are family, friends and Thanksgiving.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I hope everyone is starting to have a hard time sleeping in anticipation for the greatest holiday.  Now I hope the anticipation is because you are so excited to cook and not because you are nervous.  This year I am only in charge of desserts and I’m prepared.  All the groceries have been bought and I’ve made each of them before so I’m good to go.  I’m still learning every time I cook though, so I thought I would share a few tips for a worry free Thanksgiving cooking day.

Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock is the answer to all your problems on Thanksgiving, according to Bobby Flay.  Since it plays such a big part in the feast it is crucial that you make homemade chicken stock.  Now I know that sounds crazy and normally I roll my eyes when Ina Garten insists, but I have to agree this time.  It makes all the difference.


To brine or not to brine, that is the question I am always asking myself.  Basically what brining does is pull the salt in from the water, which makes the proteins push away from one another allowing more of the water.  This results in juicier and softer turkey.  A new way of brining I just heard about eliminates a step, defrosting.  Place the frozen turkey in your brine for 3 days.  Make sure it’s dry before you roast it.

Dry Rub

If you want to mix it up and do something different, you can use a dry rub.  Mix up the seasonings that you would like to flavor the turkey with and add some oil for moisture; then rub it on there.  You will get a beautiful crust with flavor that sticks.

Let The Meat Rest

When you cook any meat you need to let it rest to make sure the juices are restored.  If you have a decent sized bird you should let the meat rest under tin foil for an hour.  If you are afraid it cooled too much, the life-saver chicken stock can be poured over it, and it will warm it the perfect amount!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving flaws and all!

I want to hear your Thanksgiving stories!  Comment and tell me about your Thanksgiving experiences!

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