Kara Appreciation Day


(Kara in her amazing Halloween costume)

Not to leave my little sister out, because she is amazing as well, but this post is about my older sister, and of course food.  Kara, my older sister, is such a great older sister that she earned her own day, which I titled “Kara Appreciation Day.”  This day was created because I bought Kara’s Christmas present early, but could only get a refund for 30 days after I bought it, and I bought it on November 10th. I started to think about how I could justify giving her the Christmas present early and it got me thinking; I realized how much Kara does for me. I literally would not be where I am today without her.  She helped me get my internship, she is letting me stay with her and share her car, and she has honestly guided me through life. She has been there for me through everything.  She is my person.  Ok enough with the sappy stuff, I think you guys get it, I love my sister blah blah blah :). So “Kara Appreciation Day” was created to be celebrated on November 13th; it’s still in negotiation as to whether it will be annual. I decided I would have a night where I cook her favorite food, play Christmas music and give her the present.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Kara’s favorite food is crab Rangoon.  Kara and the Rangoon’s go way back but that’s a long story she probably wouldn’t want me to share on my blog.  I found this crab Rangoon recipe and  instead of using regular onions I used green onions.  They were so easy and prefect!  Make sure you get duck sauce for dipping; no crab Rangoon is complete without it.  I also decided to make egg drop soup, which Kara loves, but I must admit I love more.  I found a Tyler Florence egg drop soup recipe and literally this is the easiest and best egg drop soup I have ever tasted.  If you are a lover of egg drop soup, stop reading my blog, go to the store and make this recipe immediately, if not sooner.  It was a richer Asian broth for the soup because of the ginger and that really takes it to the next level.

I hope everyone who has siblings has taken the time to appreciate them, and if they are anything like Kara, cook them this meal; they will love it!



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