Triple Berry Threat

I’ve never been a baker; well let me clarify this statement.  I’ve never been a baker till this year.  In high school the closes to baking I ever got was my sister making cookie dough.  This sounds quite a bit different from how I am now.  Now I am always looking for opportunities to bake anything; as you can see in previous posts.  Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to bake and then I also get to benefit.  My Dad’s birthday was December 15th and he was visiting Kara and I so I wanted to make his favorite dessert.  Tough one but we figured out what was probably one of his favorites; berry pie.  I’ve only once before made a homemade pie when I was 13 and it was for the 4-H fair so I was really excited to try again now that I am a more experienced baker.  I tried to discreetly slip in the fact that I entered my pie in the 4-H fair with the hope that people would read over this but if you were one who caught on, go a head and judge and no I will not post a picture of my 4-H years.

The pie was a triple threat pie; strawberry, raspberry and blackberry.  When I think of berry pies I think of them as a summer dessert.  But since it’s my Dad’s favorite desert I didn’t care what time of year I was making it.  To all of our surprise this pie was perfect for a cold winter evening.  It was berry goodness.  Lets just say I’m already booked for next December 15th.

Pie Crust Recipe– Makes a little extra

Pie filling recipe – Since my family and I all love the sweet and tartness of berries I think the next time I would use ¾ cup of sugar instead of one.  It also doesn’t tell you what to do with the butter, so we cut the butter into the sugar mixture.  Below is a picture.


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