Pierogi and Borsch a Polish Tradition

My Mom’s side of the family is Polish so each year we make pierogi and borsch. I’ve grown up making these every year and enjoying every part of the tradition.  This tradition is one I don’t question but washing with silver on Christmas Eve for wealth is one I do, but of course you have to do it because to risk not getting that extra bit of luck because of skepticism is just not worth it.  Simply put we are Polish.  Below you will see pictures of cheese pierogi  that the filling is made with farmer cheese and a kapusta filling which is made of sauerkraut and mushroom.  The borsch is a mushroom borsch that had eight pounds of mushroom in it; yes you read correctly, eight pounds.  The main ingredient in everything below is sour cream and of course butter.  This is a Julia Child approved recipe because of the amount of butter we used.  You will see the perfect bite below, one part sour cream to two parts pierogi.

Below you will see the process of making the dough, stuffing, boiling and then frying the pierogi.  We had left over dough so we decided to make kluski which are homemade noodles.

Enjoy the pictures below!













Photos courtesy of John Tagle.

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4 thoughts on “Pierogi and Borsch a Polish Tradition

  1. Thanks they were really fun to make! It is just a mushroom soup. You soak dried mushrooms in water to get the base then put chopped mushrooms in, sour cream then make a rue to thicken. My mom cheats a little and adds cream for more flavor :).

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