Lucky Duck

Its fun to win no matter what the prize is.  It’s a stretch to say I’m super lucky but I would say I’ve won a few random times.  Whether it was winning a manicure at the Daddy Daughter Dance in the fifth grade, or winning the audience prize on Live with Regis and Kelly, it’s always the most exciting thing.  To top the Regis and Kelly win off, the prize was $500 worth of All-Clad pots and pans; yes I know I was ecstatic. Now that I’ve won a few times I am positive every time I enter a contest I will win. With that said though, I don’t go around entering all contests, only a few special ones.

Since I’ve become a blogger I’ve been exposed to all the giveaways and this year I decided to finally test my luck and enter.  One of my favorite food blogs, My Fare Foodie, did a giveaway; it was a $25 gift card to Whole Foods. I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this, but I tested my luck and it proved strong. I won the gift card!  It was literally the most exciting thing to me, I found out at work and I had to call everyone.  So of course I had to have a fabulous meal with my $25.  I wanted to get lobster, but they didn’t have any fresh ones, so I decided on lamb.

My sister and I got the royal treatment, because my sister’s boyfriend cooked for us; I know she’s one lucky lady. I guess it runs in the family. We had a fabulous lamb, potato and green bean dinner.

Moral of the story, take a chance and enter…you never know what you could win 🙂


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