In The Land Of Oz

I made it to Australia with only a little bit of trouble of being delayed one day, and my friend got on her flight on her first try so things were looking good.  She’s a flight attendant so she flies stand by as well so that fact that we both made it here was pretty awesome.  I’m not holding it against, however my tone may sound, but she got first and I didn’t.  Add to that a room that is awesome, basically on the beach, celebrating my birthday down here, enjoying the food and of course getting started at my internship I would say I’m things are off to a good start.  In the pictures below you will see our place, the Thai we had, the egg yolks that are an incredible bright orange from our eggs benedict and views from Coogee beach.

Here are a few pics from the first couple of days.  Stand by there will of course be much more!


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2 thoughts on “In The Land Of Oz

  1. I definetely am a Pilot’s Daughter. Tomorrow I will be leaving for Dublin, Ireland, but for now I am going to be writing about my most funniest experince on a plane. A few years ago, I believe I was flying to Ft. Lauderdale, a short one day with my father. I unfortanely had to sit next to an overweight senior lady, who I believe was desperately afraid of airplanes. It wasn’t even 20 minutes into the flight and she was started to talking, talking VERY FAST. Saying things like, “Oh my goodness, oh my, i cant do this, i need out, help, ahhhhh.” She had also said A LOT more things, but anyways I had decided to get up and “strech.” After a while, she had FALLEN ASLEEP! On my seat. I mean FACE ON MY SEAT…..DROOLING! Ew. Talk about a bad experince. But I must say HILARIOUS!

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