Rolling in the Dough

I always have the intentions of writing a post while I’m flying but always fall asleep the minute we take off instead.  But at this moment I have been kicked off the plane for “weight restrictions” which is a concept I’ve become very familiar with, so I have a bit of time before the next flight.  So here is my story about pretzel rolls.

I love love love pretzels.  Whether they are soft pretzels or regular, sour dough, or butter braided they are delicious.  Northwest used to have the best butter braided pretzels on their flights and my sisters and I would make my dad bring them home every time he went on a trip.  Delta serves pretzels in the back, but the cookies they serve are more the talk of the cabin than the regular pretzels.  But what Delta lacks in pretzel snacks they make up for in pretzel rolls.  If you find yourself in first class on an international flight and it is that lucky day they are serving pretzel rolls you should do a happy dance.

I get nervous with anticipation as the breadbasket comes around to see if its one of those days and they are serving pretzel rolls.  They basically taste like soft pretzels but since it’s a roll it makes them so amazing. After my last flight where they served them I decided I had to make them.

This recipe is super easy and they turned out perfect!  Nice browned exterior with a soft light middle.  Eat them for breakfast with jam like my dad (weird I know) or as a burger bun or as a simple roll.  This is a much cheaper way to eat first class food :).

Pretzel Roll Recipe



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