Life’s a Beach…in Charleston

I am no longer residing in Lapeer, Michigan…thank goodness.  Not that Lapeer isn’t lovely sometimes, but in these final winter months Michigan doesn’t show its best sides.  Dreary and cold is what you can expect, so having Charleston, South Carolina as my new home for the next few months, I was antsy to get out.

I borrowed a car from my family in New Hampshire, to use in Charleston, so my dad and I flew to New Hampshire and then he drove me to Washington DC.  I was nervous to check my bags, which I have good reason to be; I have the ultimate bag horror story. When all the flights looked pretty full, I knew the only option was to carry them all on.  We managed to get them through TSA and figured we could gate check them if we had to.  My plan was brilliant, except I forgot that it meant we would be carrying all of them ourselves.  Running from terminal A to C in the Detroit airport is awful.  It was worth it though when we were able to happily “pink tag” each bag so I knew they were safely below us. I was actually sore from carrying the duffle bags.

To make the 17 hour drive easier we split it up by stopping in Washington DC.  Once my dad and I got to DC we picked up my friends and took my dad directly to the airport where he flew back to Michigan.  Then we headed to get drinks.  I felt a little bad for my dad especially since the car is a stick and I was nervous, so he drove the whole eight hours that day…my dad is the best. My friend Becky and I drove the rest of the way from DC to Charleston the next day, and I only stalled once leaving the city.  I guess I’m better at driving a manual than I thought.

Upon arriving in Charleston I immediately felt like I fell into a Pat Conroy novel.  Driving from island to island over the marshes and ocean.  I shucked my first steamed oyster which is surprisingly satisfying to do.  I also embarrassingly tried Velveeta Skillets for the first time which was also pretty satisfying.

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