The Irish Compromising for Lent

Saint Patty’s Day is a great holiday for many reasons.  To name a few; the Irish car bombs, green beer, green eggs and ham, Irish music and of course corn beef and cabbage.   I was really excited to make some corn beef and cabbage today and put a post up about it when I realized its Friday aka meatless Friday because of lent. The always getting in the way meatless Friday meant corn beef was out.  I googled vegetarian Irish food and came across the common potato and leek soup and thought it looked very boring and more like something I would be eating if I was actually living in Ireland during the 15th century.  Then I stumbled upon a potato and leek gratin and I knew that was it.

This is an easy recipe with not too many ingredients and it is delicious.  It’s creamy and oniony because of the leeks and the Gruyere cheese puts it over the top.  This holiday is very special for Spartans because we are green so I find myself missing MSU more than usual. So I am happy to say that this gratin is so good that each bite will fill the void I feel for not being on Michigan State University’s campus for this holiday.

Potato Leek Gratin Recipe




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6 thoughts on “The Irish Compromising for Lent

  1. Excellent meat free compromise. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Dublin, Ireland. Thanks for helping the world think of us over here. It’s nice to be in the green spotlight on one day a year, at least.

  2. Absolutely tempting ! And to make a meatless dish is neat , as people celebrate all weeknd , so a meatless friday during Lent WORKS all weekend!!

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