Kate and Leopold on Toast

I get so excited when I sit down to watch TV for the evening and a good movie comes on because it can be a hit or miss. You either have perfect timing and it’s a good movie, or it is a fabulous movie and there is only 30 minuets left so its just a tease, or the worst alternative it’s a stupid unbearable movie. One of my favorite movies to come on at random is The Wedding Date, if you have not seen this movie don’t wait for it to come on the TV go out and rent it now.

The other night Kate and Leopold came on and I forgot just how much I love this movie. It has Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan so obviously it would be good but it has a cute love story and I of course automatically love it.

I’m one of those people who’s cravings change with every scene and every meal the characters eat throughout the film. Leopold serves Kate toast with mascarpone cheese and strawberries one morning and I’ve been so envious of her since I first saw that toast. When I first saw the movie I thought it must have been a really exquisite toast because of the mascarpone, which I had no idea what it actually was. Now that I’ve been exposed to The Food Network, in college, I know what that is and when I saw this scene I knew I didn’t have to be envious anymore. Yes, I still need to find a way to get Leopold, which involves figuring out time travel, getting someone to follow me back into the future after I get to the past and the hardest of all jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge…luckily making this toast is easier.

Kate and Leopold Toast

Bread of your choice- 10 Grain is a suggestion.  Toast bread, let it cool then smear on mascarpone and top with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey.

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