Easter Borscht

Like I mentioned in my previous post about the orange cake I was really behind this Easter as far as baking/cooking goes.  In my family along with the mushroom borscht we make at Christmas there is a borscht we make for Easter.  This is the first Easter I was away from my family so I had to make it myself for the first time.  So I of course made it a   week after Easter.  Like the cake this soup is just as good a week after Easter as it is on the day of.  It is a soup that can only be described as super savory, that is the flavor.  It is kielbasa, ham, eggs, sour cream and the main star horseradish.  No salt or pepper needed.  You put chopped ham and kielbasa in a big pot of water add sour cream then let it heat up.  Use the yolks to create a rue as the thickening agent then add it and the chopped eggs to the soup and finally a lot of horse radish.  Let it boil then simmer for about 30 minutes.

The ultimate way to eat this soup is to add a little scoop of horseradish and then a broken up hard boiled egg right before enjoying it.  Don’t judge this borscht on its appearance, its delicious!



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4 thoughts on “Easter Borscht

  1. There are a variety of Borschts.The red is the beet borscht.
    So glad it came out great!! I froze some after Easter and just had a bowl yesterday!!

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