Wine Wednesday

Yipee its Wine Wednesday and I am super excited to share with you the wine of the week.  I know I said I would be featuring wine that had awesome labels, but this wine is featured for more than its label…its shake, the Molly Dooker shake.

Molly Dooker has created a shake that releases nitrogen so they can cut back on the sulfites they add to their wines because so many people are allergic.  The release of the nitrogen gives it a full flavor and allows you to drink young wines sooner.  Besides the flavor aspect its just plan cool.  When doing this make sure to taste the glass that your poured before the shake and compare it to a glass after the shake.  It’s amazing the flavor difference.

What I love about this label is how inviting it is.  The font and appearance is so welcoming and homey feeling.  This Blue Eyed Boy wine is two years old so unfortunately you don’t have to do the shake but its still a great glass of Shiraz!

CORRECTION- After tweeting with Krissy from Molly Dooker, I learned that you do need to shake the shiraz until September of this year.  Follow me on Twitter to see our conversation.

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