Would You Like Peanuts, Pretzels or Cookies?

While texting my sister last night as I packed for my trip, I felt my bag was a little too empty so I asked her what I could possibly be forgetting. She pointed out that as long as I have a dress and shoes for her engagement party this Saturday then I was good to go.  I quickly ran through what I had packed again and then let my thoughts settle with the agreement of Kara’s text and drifted to sleep.  I woke up startled at 5 am to my roommate waking me five minuets after my alarm was supposed to go off, luckily I still had 20 minutes to get ready.  I hoped out of bed without my usual grace and with a rushed feeling of being a little later than planed.  That’s when it hit me, I knew what I had forgotten; I forgot to list myself for the flight.  Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal but our internet was out so I couldn’t list myself.  I tried calling my dad and my sister but it was 4 am their time and I knew they weren’t going to wake and I felt bad calling till they answered.  I left them both a hopeful text that read, “if you roll over and see this call me” knowing perfectly well they wouldn’t.  I decided, well I had a ride to the airport so I’ll go and hopefully get there in time to list on my computer at the airport.  What do you know I did.  Things ended up smoothly and I am now on my way to Michigan for a few days before heading down to Dallas, Texas for my sisters’ engagement party.

This post wasn’t supposed to be about my forgetful tendencies but about in flight beverages. I’ve been traveling since I was little and I developed a beverage habit.  That may sound weird but it is just something I did.  My go to were ginger ale and Mr. And Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix; ok that may be a weird combination.  I originally started with plain tomato juice but as my taste buds grew I was able to handle the spiciness of the bloody mary mix.  I was probably obnoxious to the fight attendants.  I would order both of these drinks and ask for the can.  The occasional flight attendant, who actually enjoyed her job, would respond with a smile and unhesitatingly hand me both.  I must say though those were the days when you still got meals in coach domestically and butter dipped pretzels.  Other times though I would be told no to the can, or I would even be too embarrassed to ask for the cans.  I would get my dad to order one of my drinks for me.  I would go sip for sip. Sip of the spicy tomato juice then washed down by the crisp ginger ale.  I even took it too far once and mixed both of them in a cup, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve tasted.

It’s weird but it still something I get excited about every time I fly.  It is an added treat to the fact that I am traveling somewhere because tomato juice at home just isn’t the same.  Now I am back to just plain tomato juice and pretzels.  It’s a cycle and I’m sure once again I will revisit Mr. and Mrs. T’s.

PS the cookies on Delta are famous and delicious.  Get them next time you fly and dip them in coffee…yum!

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