Cupcakes in the Overhead Bin

My sister’s engagement party was this past Saturday and it was amazing!  It was at a wine bar in Dallas with friends and family and it went perfectly.  To go along with the wine, we had a cheese platter that was incredible, pizza and for dessert dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate covered strawberries which I made.  Dessert has always kinda been my thing so when I started to plan the party  I knew I wanted to make the desserts.  Picking both of their favorites the cupcakes were for John and the strawberries for Kara.

Since I knew I wanted to spend as much time with my sister when I was visiting as possible, I decided to bake the cupcakes before in Michigan and carry them with me to Dallas.  I brought tupperware and the cupcake pan with me from my current location of Charleston, South Carolina and I can only imagine what the TSA was thinking as my bags went through security.  I baked the cupcakes on Thursday night and carried with me 48 mini cupcakes down to Dallas.  Things went smoothly and I frosted them on Saturday before the party and they were adorable.  They were still incredibly moist and delicious.  Luckily the strawberries were easy to do on Saturday too during the day so they weren’t overhead bin partners with the cupcakes. What can I say, carry cupcakes on the plane is The Pilot’s Daughter way.

Dark chocolate cupcakes recipe

Chocolate buttercream recipe

Checking on the cupcakes in MSP.

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