Praha- Best Street Food

The first stop on my Europe trip was Prague, or as the Czech say Praha.  My three girlfriends and I landed at 10 am and were leaving on a 3 pm bus the next day.  With only a little over 24 hours we knew we had to hit the ground running and never stop.  We checked into our hotel quickly showered and got ready and left to explore the attractions Prague had to offer.

We headed into the Old Town Square and had to stop to take it all in. Prague is such a old quaint city with stone roads that its easy to get lost in the moment of just staring in all directions.  We headed up the  clock tower in the old town hall, which is a must do.  It only cost about $2 and you get an amazing view of the city.

We walked up instead of taking the elevator despite some complaints, cough cough Ashley and Caitlin.  So we had worked up quite an appetite at this point.  It was time to explore the street vendors.  We chose a vendor that had what else, meat and potatoes.  But don’t let meat and potatoes fool you, they were the most amazing street dishes I had the entire trip.  The potato dish was a mixture of gnocchi potato, sauerkraut and ham. I am going to have to try to remake this dish sometime soon, thats how good it was.  Paired with a sausage, rye bread and the local mustard.  The mustard I encountered in all the countries I visited was a stronger more horseradishy flavored mustard, which is the perfect pairing for a bit of hot greasy sausage. And of course you must wash it down with a local beer.

We spent the rest of the day visiting the Jewish Quarter, lingering the streets and then of course eating another meal.  We had an fantastic dinner that included goose leg, potato dumplings and goulash.  Just in case you are like me and didn’t know goulash is the dish of South Eastern Europe, it is no question about it. It varied from city to  city but it was the most reliable dish to be found on any menu.  Czech’s goulash reminded me of a chili.  It was next to potato and bread circles that were stacked.  Delicious.

Enjoying the night life we made our way over to The Pub (Thanks Shannon!) another must do.  It is a bar that has taps at the table, so you serve yourself.  Genius! Even though we know America couldn’t handle this; we would find a way to ruin it.

The next day we crossed the famous chain bridge, visited the Prague Castle and had our first encounter with garlic soup. Garlic soup like goulash became a frequent visiter on our journey and nobody was complaining.

Oh I forgot to mention the dessert!  We had delicious street food dessert.  Trdelnik is a rolled pastry  that is doughy with cinnamon and sugar on the outside.  A little crunch and then hot and soft in the middle with a vanilla flavor it was perfect.  We found these in Budapest too, but they were much better in Prague.

We left beautiful Praha on a bus headed for Budapest and seven hours later we arrived.

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2 thoughts on “Praha- Best Street Food

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! Sauerkraut was something I couldn’t eat for a while after staying in Prague for 6 weeks.. I want to hear about your Budapest trip! I went there also (took a bus too). Can’t wait until I hear about the next trip I can vicariously live through you 😉

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