Drivin, Drivin, Drivin

I am happy to tell everyone that I have accepted an internship with 5280 magazine!  The only thing is, that it is in Denver, Colorado (hence the title of this post).  Some might see this as a bad thing, to leave the beautiful city of Charleston, that is–but I love Denver.  I love the mountains and the snow and couldn’t be more excited.  I’m sad to leave my friends and Charleston behind, but I am ready to experience another part of the country and work with 5280.

My friend Becky, who is clearly a saint, drove with me from Charleston to Dallas (where I stopped to visit my sister and break up the drive).  And believe it or not we made the 18 hour drive in one sitting.  It also could be harder to believe that we made the journey with no ipod and only one cd, Britney Spear’s “Baby One More Time”.  We left Charleston at 6 am eastern time and arrived in Dallas at 11:30 pm central time.  To say I needed two days to just chill is an understatement.

I am headed out tomorrow for the final 14 hours to Denver.  Fingers crossed it goes as well as the first drive!

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