Bratislava- Best “No Expectations” City

We added Bratislava to our trip just because it was on the way to Vienna from Budapest; thinking, “why not stay a night.” The more we talked to other people and thought about EuroTrip’s portrayal of the city we start to get a little nervous that we were spending too much time in Bratislava.  We thought about skipping it but we had already bought our “Botel” room.  So we went.

First let me say that EuroTrip’s depiction of the city is completely false.  Bratislava is a cute, tiny, historic city.  One of the best things about it was that we had very low expectations for it so there was no pressure.  In the other cities we visited we knew there were certain landmarks that we had to see so we were constantly running around and in Bratislava we were able to just relax and enjoy the city.  We ended up on a pub/gelato tour.  We would walk a little stop for a drink, then walk some more and stop for gelato, then repeat.  Don’t miss the “Men at Work” statue.  The man popping his head out of the street hole is named Cumil aka The Watcher.  While he doesn’t represent a history for Bratislava he has quickly become a famous attraction. We stayed in a botel like I mentioned before which is what it sounds like a hotel that is a boat.

Blending in with the locals.

We also had such an amazing meal.  We asked a local for a suggestion for a good meal and she suggested that we dine a brewery called Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar.  We literally feasted (yes, Phil, literally).  We started with home-made cracklings in fat and a cheese dish that was beer cheese, spring onion, beer foam, mustard and garlic and when brought to the table you mix it all together. The we had beloved home-made tripe soup and of course  creamy garlic soup in a “bosniak” bowl (bread bowl). Then for dinner I had a young pork knuckle with saurkraut and potato dumplings.  Others had steak and duck.  We were beyond full and it was fabulous!

We chilled for a few hours at a pub to digest the food before heading out into the night life of Bratislava.  We went to the only night club in Bratislava and it was also possibly the smallest night club in the world, think living room size.  It was hilarious but also really fun!

Next stop, Vienna for some waltzing!

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