Eight Crazy Nights


When we have a loaf of challah in the house its lucky if it makes it to the next day.  I love it.  It is sweet and light and doughy and I just eat it slice, after slice, after slice.  As soon as I had my first taste of challah I knew I wanted to make it.  But it was the braiding and the fact that I heard it was incredibly difficult to make that has kept me out of the kitchen.

As I was browsing through food writer, Melissa Clark’s, blog I found a challah recipe that looked “doable.”  Since Hanukkah is upon us I decided there’s no time like the present. I baked this on Sunday and I was glad because the only part that needed a full free day was the rising part, but other than that is was easy and simple.  Even the braiding part wasn’t that bad, promise.  Take a look at my pictures and you will see exactly how to do it.  It bakes into a light, beautifully browned, doughy, slice of heaven.

Challah recipe

Side Note: I would hold off on the last 1/2 cup of flour. Also if making this in a kitchen aid mixer make sure not to over mix, save the final kneading for your hands.







Do the over under method here for the four pieces.IMG_7771

The take two pieces and cross the left over the right.IMG_7773

Then tuck the ends under.



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