Checks and Balance


As I sat at my nine to five desk today, I felt a twinge of pain when I looked at my phone at  4:23 pm and read a text.  At 4:22 pm I received a text from my friend Becky that said, “330 to tel aviv.” Becky and three of my other friends were on their way on a A330 aircraft, to decipher for you, to Tel Aviv Israel. I responded with I wish I could go and knew that I had to work instead.

After I read that I sat there continuing to work and it sunk in, this is real life.  I’ve bounced around a lot in the past year and have been fortunate enough to be unemployed in between and been able to travel and basically have whatever schedule I want. And of course the flight benefits were the best.  As I thought about this I felt a moment of, I wish I was unemployed.  How wrong is that?  I wished for the time again when I could just jump on a plane with my friend Becky, or visit people, whenever I wanted.  Once again I was hit with the reality of life.  I started to weigh the pros and cons.  Thinking about this I realized life really is about balance.  I’ve lived the past year in this la la land where I was extremely fortunate to be able to accept internships where I worked for free, find jobs that work with my unpaid jobs and the best part, have about a month off in between. So as I sat there at my nine to five job I was able to think for a second that it was ok. I am so fortunate to have lived the easy life and be able to find a job. I sat there and thought about my year of fun and all my past college years of living on a spontaneous life plan. I thought back to all the moments I had experienced and tried to think of moments I had missed.  None stood out and I realized that was all that mattered.  I took those moments when I could and now I’m going to work hard to play hard again to.  It’s all about the checks and balance.

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