The Tale of the Butter


This is a story of the butter that just would not soften…

On a cool winter evening the butter was purchased from the local grocery store.  The butter took a bumpy ride in the back seat of the car in the plastic bag, then was carried inside to the warm house.  By his forgetful owner he was then put into the fridge when he was supposed to be on the counter warming for the cake he was to be put into. An hour passed by when the owner jumped from the couch and realized that the butter was in the fridge.  She moved the the butter to the living room with hopes that it would warm quicker there.  But as the night crept on the butter stayed hard and cold.  The butter’s owner finally accepted defeat and knew the butter would not be soft enough to whip with the sugar and decided the cake could not be baked till tomorrow.  She decided to put the butter by the vent in her room while she slept so it would be perfectly soft in the morning.

When she arose she was excited to check on the butter, but once again she was disappointed by the lack of softness. The butter felt responsible but he knew deep down that it was just that he lived in an older house that was colder. The owner of the butter decided there was only one solution, she would take the butter to work.  Off he went back into the plastic bag and into the backseat again.

He was set out on the desk and left to warm for eight long hours.  When 5:30 p.m. rolled around she reached to the butter it at last was soft.  It was perfect and ready to be whip with the sugar.



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