Driving is the New Flying


I was thinking about travel a lot this weekend, which is not unusual at all.  I’m always thinking about traveling especially since my job deals with traveling.  I thought about where I had traveled to since I moved to Denver in September and there wasn’t many trips I had been on.  One to New Hampshire for my cousins wedding and a visit back to Charleston, South Carolina.  I felt a little disappointed, as if that wasn’t enough.  I’ve realized since I entered the nine to five work world that not traveling like I used to is part of the package but it still didn’t make me feel very good.  Then it hit me.  I have been traveling. Quite a bit lately.  I’ve been going to the mountains.  I may not have to take a plane to get there but the car ride can be an adventure in itself, as you can see from the picture above.  It may not be traveling in the same way I am used to but I have the Colorado mountains in my backyard and that is pretty darn amazing!


Picture from Keystone Moutain

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