Healthy Excuses


My sister is getting married in less than a month now so I am using that as my excuse as to why its been 19 days since my last post. Between the Bachelorette party and planning it has taken up some of my free time. Oh and I am making her wedding cake, well wedding cake topper, so that’s time consuming testing recipes?! I know an excuse is an excuse and I need to post more. I think the real reason I haven’t posted as much is because I’ve been eating much healthier because of the wedding. With my sister exercising and dieting, I find myself doing the same. Once again the wedding is the main culprit.

Since I have been eating healthier I’ve been looking for exciting healthy recipes for lunches or dinners and I stumbled across this one the other day. Joy the Baker is a food blog that post all kinds of food and she shared this deconstructed spring roll recipe. I didn’t follow it exactly but close enough. I love this recipe because it is a lot of food but not a lot of calories, full of flavor with the peanut sauce and just plain satisfying. Try it out this week for lunch or maybe add some tofu to make it for dinner.

This is my first seriously heath conscious recipe post on my blog, what has the world come to. Don’t worry things aren’t changing much, headed back to Europe for July so I will be posting many more travel stories soon.

Deconsructed Spring Roll

Veggies you like, I included…


Carrots, sliced with a peeler into ribbons

Bean sprouts



Saifun (bean thread noodles)  (ride noodles also work)

Peanut sauce

Chop veggies. Cook noodles in boiling water and let sit for 20 minutes then strain and rinse and let extra water strain. Put all together in a bowl and enjoy!




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