Sip, Savor, Brew and Hopefully Repeat


I had the privilege to be invited to the Sip, Savor and Brew event at Cascade Vail Resort this past weekend on behalf of Denver Eater (I’m happy to announce I am a contributor). Ever since I tasted my first beer in Colorado at a local brewery I have been getting lessons because it’s what they love. The it I am referring to is a Coloradoan. I’ve received lessons on how Colorado breweries work; lessons on the different flavors; lessons on how you make beer. This weekend was exactly the same; Colorado teaching what it loves.

I met John Carlson of the Colorado Brewers Guild, Brian Lutz of West Flanders Brewing Co., Charlie Berger of Denver Beer Co., and Steve and Leslie Kaczeus of Bootstrap Brewing Co.  All of which are such amazing people who anyone would be lucky to spend a weekend learning about beer with. The weekend started with an informal discussion in the Library about “Craft Beer: Past, Present, Future.” This set the tone for the weekend and started the bonding. With such an intimate group, about 10, and the brewers discussing their passion it was hard for everyone not to have a great time.

We then proceeded to dessert where we all sat drinking beer floats, homemade brews and mead, which who those who don’t know, like I didn’t, it is made by fermenting honey and water, but you can also add flavors like black raspberry or apple.

The next day started off right with cheese and meat with the beers pairings. Honey goat cheese paired with a Pineapple Pale ale from Denver Beer Co. A creamy blue cheese and duck prosciutto with a smoke spicy ale. The really were perfect compliments for each style of beer.

We spent the rest of the day tasting and learning. Then had a dinner and beer pairing and had some incredible pairings there as well. One that really stuck out was a pork cinnamon roll paired with the Oh Face Saison Provisional from Trinity Brewing Company. The cinnamon with the pork really enhanced the savory aspect of the meat. There were golden raisons and a vinegar cut through the sweetness to bring a delicious savory cinnamon meal.

We finished the weekend in the same way we started with beer and dessert, but we added the hot tub and pool.

Beer Float


Home Brews




It was also Oktoberfest in Vail so we stopped by





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