Pumpkin With a Side of Cheeseburger

image (5)

Sunday we decided it was pumpkin carving time. We got dressed up, pilled in the car and headed to the pumpkin patch. As we drove into the dark clouds we decided maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Then the rain came so the pumpkin patch mission was aborted and we instead headed to Walmart for pumpkins and the liquor store for pumpkin beers. Guess we didn’t need the pumpkin patch after all. We also got Park Burger take out which was the perfect combination for pumpkin carving. New tradition? Pumpkin and burgers? I think so.

Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Rinse the seeds then pat dry with paper towel.

Oil a baking sheet then transfer the seeds to the pan.

Liberally sprinkle with salt or garlic and salt (depending on what you like).

Bake for 25-30 minutes or untill they are dried out and toasted.

Eat with a glass of red wine while watching Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown (Suggestion only of course)

Park Burger with american cheese and a fried egg with a basket of the works fries

image (1)

image (2)

image (6)

image (9)pumpkin see winner

If you know me its obvious the cat pumpkin was mine

image (3)

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