Birthday After Birthday After Birthday…

I turned 25 last week. I have officially hit the 25 years old milestone. According to Skype I am now 25 and some. That is what it says in my profile. Thanks Skype for reminding me that I’m old and not just that I’m 25, I am more than 25. Turning 25 feels weird. I feel like I have to have my life together now. I can’t say “oh well I did that because I’m 24,” or I feel that I can no longer think I’m going to move every couple of months. 25 is serious business. Luckily the way my birthday turned out, it doesn’t seem like its going to be that bad—key words that bad ;).

My birthday, January 16th, started the very long stretch of birthdays of the people of love. February has a birthday every weekend, so you can expect lots of birthday dessert pictures to come. This post is from my birthday where I celebrated at D Bar in Denver. If you live in Denver and have not gone yet, go immediately! I had espresso soufflé. They also have amazing cookies and milk and cake and milkshakes. I also got a birthday shot; cake flavored vodka with a coated rim of sprinkles.









I think my sister takes the win for the best face in this one 🙂

The next day my sister kept the birthday love going and had me and my best friend Allegra (she’s a frequent model for this blog) over. We started with cheese then Kara surprised me by cooking paella! It was seriously so good! For dessert we had an almond cake with whip cream and topped with slices of clementines. If getting old means you get to eat like this I guess turning 25 isn’t that bad…




IMG_0206 IMG_0207

Henry always has to make an appearance! He is getting so big! John, my brother-in-law is teaching him how to fetch a frisbee.

IMG_0214 IMG_0226

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