Acorn: The Perfect Birthday Present

When I first decided I wanted to be a food writer it was because of my love of food. Whether it be McDonalds,  airplane food, or a five star restaurant I had a simple respect for all food. I hate to admit it but I am starting to become more picky. I find myself eating at restaurants being disappointed or thinking to myself I could have made this better. I really hate that because I feel like I have lost a part of my food innocence. Now I’m older more mature and experienced with my food trying’s and I just can’t have the same respect for all foods. It’s almost like being young and liking a boy for the first time. When you are young you’ll put up with anything, bad kisser who drools on you, someone who never calls; you get where I am going but now I have standards. Don’t worry I still love airplane food. With that said Acorn brought me back to my food youth. If you are looking for the best dinner in Denver you have to eat at Acorn. Last Thursday my sister took my brother-in-law to Acorn for his birthday dinner and I got to tag along. It was incredible.




I was blown away. My taste buds were wowed it was that good. Let me paint you a little picture of how our meal went. It was like we ate all over the world. We ordered six small plates then one large plate. After a MOMO RiNo cocktail got me going we began with the  crispy egg and applewood smoke bacon salad. It was covered in shaved cheese which had a smoky flavor to it. Next came the ricotta gnudi. It was a more dense pillow like dumpling with the most light wild mushroom sauce. It was light then heavy then light again. Your mind was blown with every bite. Then we had the tomato braised meatballs, the lamb swarma, that had a tzatziki sauce that made me feel like I was back in Greece, and we finished out meat round with the oak smoked duck breast. Just when we thought we were full the Nantucket bay scallop crudo “new style” was put on our table. Raw scallops chopped up and topped with brown butter, chives, and radish. They were so sweet and succulent and so refreshing. As soon as you would swallow, you would immediately need another bite to get that flavor and gentle texture back in your mouth.

We ordered the tender belly pork porterhouse for our large plate and it was just as tasty as the rest. It was surrounded by Yukon gold potatoes, yellow foot mushrooms and tons of shishito peppers.







IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0256

IMG_0258 IMG_0259

(I apologize for any blurry pictures, it was too good to take the time to focus the camera)

Dinner ended with a butterscotch pudding as a suggestion by our waiter. Our waiter was just as amazing. Not pretentious but very real and of course knowledgeable and was able to give real suggestions.

I don’t have one bad thing to say. If you are hungry go to Acorn now.

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