End of An Era


Anyone with a computer has a fear that it could crash and you could loose everything. What everyone who owns a computer doesn’t do is back up their computer because the idea of their computer crashing has yet to become a reality. I unfortunately learn how real your computer crashing can be two years into owning my first computer. I lost everything. When I got my new hard drive I also purchased a back up hard drive and backed up constantly.

Over the past five years of my computer running smoothly I have become more comfortable and the terrible feeling of loosing everything slipped further and further out of my mind and with it so did back up frequently. On Saturday night the fear I dreaded became a reality; I went to turn on my computer and all that would happen was a blue screen. Three Apple store visits later it is official that my hard drive has a serious failure and the only option for saving the files is a data recovery service which can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,200.

Like I mentioned before I have been backing up but I the last time was January 2nd. Luckily though this time around since I knew I had most of my files backed up I made the Apple technicians must less uncomfortable since my visits were only filled with frustration not sobs.

So my poor little MacBook is dead. My first computer. Its the end of the white-MacBook-era for me.

On a positive note I have most everything saved on the backup hard-drive/this blog/my camera. Like I said much less tears this time.

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