Assisi the Wonderful


What is there to say about Assisi…it is amazing. It caught me completely off guard and I was in love. Assisi is a little town  located about two and a half hours north of Rome. It is winsome, quaint, romantic, and everything else you would think an Italian town would be. We only were able to spend one day there, which was enough to see the entire village, but not enough to take in all of the charm that Assisi had to offer. Though we only had one day we were able to be there on a very special holiday for this town. The very catholic town, known for Francis of Assisi, was having its celebration of Corpus Christi or Corpus Domini. I can’t begin to say how lucky it was that we were there on that day because Corpus Christi was actually supposed to be celebrated the Sunday prior but it was cancelled so it was happening the day we were there. Fate! Corpus Christi is Latin for body of Christ and it is a celebration of the Eucharist.  What the locals do is create a pathway for the bishop to walk down with flowers, grass, moss, and other shrubs. They basically turned the flowers into dust and created elaborate works of art. It was incredible. I felt like this little village had opened its doors and let me peak in on a very intimate moment. Grandparents, children, family members all gathered to create this beautiful designs. They were amazing.


DISCLAIMER: I apology for all the photos, I just couldn’t not share them all.

image image image   image image image image  image image image   image image

Even if you aren’t there going to be there for Corpus Christi do go! And do take a walking tour. Visit the different churches such as the Basilica of Saint Francis, the Santa Maria Maggiore, and the Basilica of Saint Clare. In the Basilica of Saint Claire you can see the original cross, the San Damiano cross, that St. Francis prayed to. Walk the streets and see the sights but also don’t forget to eat. One of the best Italian meals of my trip was had here. Pappardelle with rabbit and an amazing buffalalo mozzarela salad. The rabit was delecate and less gamy than I had imagined and the pasta was just perfect. But the mozzarela, my oh my, it was so good. Creamy, salty, sweat and soft; so so so good!

image image

image image

image image

Basilica of St. Clare

image image

Basilica of St. Francis

image  image image imageimage  image image

Chiesa Nuova Church


image image\

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