High Tide on the Layover


I found it. What you ask? Utter bliss—that is what I found. Let me explain; vacation is a word that can describe many different types of experiences. It can be relaxing on a beach, visiting family, or exploring new lands; the latter is what it has been for me for the past few years. Every vacation I take has been extraordinary, don’t get me wrong, but also exhausting. Exploring the city, eating the food, visiting the museums by day then hitting the town to experience the pubs or clubs by night. Great experiences that are not to be taken for granted but also like I said exhausting. So where is this bliss I speak of? On the Layover that is where. My dads new toy. A catamaran sailboat. Clearly my dad named the boat…pilot…get it?image

I had the privilege of sailing on the Layover for four days and three nights two weekends ago and I can’t begin to explain how amazing it was. I would wake from the sun beaming in my cabin window, or my dad banging pots trying to boil water from coffee, and get the day started. I would enjoy a leisure cup of coffee with the sea air and then get ready to set sail. Motor out of the harbor then get the sails up and let them be the power for a few hours. During this time I would alternate between reading, letting my feet hang off the back of the boat, or taking a nap in the sun. Next we would start in for the docks that would be our post for the night. After docking we would then get ready for happy hour. We would figure out what our plan was for dinner and then walk around the new spot we were at. Each night would end with a night cap joined by chats and laughs. The next day wake up and repeat. It was incredible. Pure peace.

First night we stayed in the Boston Harbor. The second night we stayed in Salem and the final night Marblehead.


Boston was great because we were able to have some family come down from New Hampshire and good friends and dine at our absolute favorites…Regina’s Pizzeria. Oh and end the night with Mike’s Pastry.

image image image





image image

At Salem we walked around the eerie city and got to enjoy a huge thunderstorm on the boat. During this thunderstorm while sipping on New England IPA’s and munching on chowder and oyster’s we also learned a little more about the boat…the amount of windows we had. The next morning we had every bed pad, sheet, and towel out in the sun to dry and the guys working on the tourist boat getting ready for their day thought it was kind to ask if we needed a close line. I told them we were just learning more and more about the boat, or I guess I should have said learning where the windows are.

image image image image

Marblehead was my favorite. It might be one of the cutest New England cities I have ever been to. Each house was clearly built for the specific family and were all different. The roads are narrow and you feel like you are walking in a historic period. We also made lobster on the boat there so that could have something to do with it being my favorite too.




imageimage image image



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