Cinnamon Rolls Worth the Fuss


I have been posting a lot lately about travel and events I have been to, but not so much about baking. While looking through summer photos I realized I forgot to post my peach cinnamon rolls I made back in July. Yes peaches are basically out of season but these were so tasty I have to post! I have found when you say, “homemade” cinnamon rolls people normally wince. The idea of making the dough normally keeps lots away but I was able to make this the night before and bake them when I woke up so they were good to go for that morning; no more 5 am wake up calls. There are a few steps but nothing too difficult. Don’t let a little yeast and rising time scare you. Be brave; face the dough!

Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Rolls

image  imageimageimage

 imageimage  image

image image

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