If you know me you know one of my passions in life is dumplings. I was so excited to go to Hong Kong to eat at least one dumpling a day—we had one and then some. This could possibly be one of my most favorite posts (only a all hot dog post to rival) Below is my dream post all about my Hong Kong dumpling consumption:

(If you were wondering about the title of this post, that was our hashtag for our trip. Go to instagram and look at all our photos!)

We started with take out dumplings from Central Hong Kong and munched on these while getting ready to go out. Then we ended our night at the “Denny’s” of Hong Kong.IMG_1854


Next was dumplings in Mongkok before the Ladies Market opened. I had pork, and tried Phil’s shrimp. Becky and I were in love with the dipping sauces and basically drank them from the bottles. We are working on our manners…

IMG_2733  IMG_2735IMG_2736 IMG_2734


Then after the market I of course wanted another dumpling. I got a steamed bun this time that had veggies and pork in it. The bun was like eating a sticky cloud; slightly sweet and the perfect dough flavor.

IMG_2751 IMG_2750 IMG_2748IMG_2749  IMG_2747 IMG_2746

All the dumplings were amazing but I have to say my favorite was at Tim Ho Wan, which is the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant. Our total bill at the one star restaurant was $27. What The most amazing and probably life changing was the pork buns. Instead of a typical sticky fluffy dough bun it was a flaky buttery and crispy bun. I have not had a bun like that before and I am already dreaming about going back for another. I was so excited to eat here that I forgot to take pictures of any of the dumplings besides the pork bun. I apologize to the group. We had the taro soup (this is what I am calling it) for dessert and that was great too. Taro reminds me of like a sweet milk flavor. I’m definitely a fan.

IMG_2845 IMG_2853IMG_2846IMG_2855  IMG_2851


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