Thanksgiving Vietnam Style


Thanksgiving was all of Becky’s doings; she had an idea and ran with it. Let’s just say our money goes a long way in Hoi An so our Thanksgiving dinner was pretty luxurious. We went on a private sunset dinner cruise. Yep is was awesome. Becky and I wanted to wear traditional Vietnamese outfits for Thanksgiving but then decided on matching pants and nón lá also known as leaf hats (my hat didn’t make it home from the bar that night but we went back and they had it so it is now safe and sound on my wall in Denver)We started with fresh spring rolls, then had crab and asparagus soup, barbecue fish fillets in banana leaf, Vietnamese eggplant, and finished with a fruit platter. They gave us little boxes with candles in them to make a wish on and put in the water. They also gave us access to the speakers—they probably regretted that one. We ended the night at Infinity Bar with our new friend Vihn. He was our server so we took him out and taught him how to play beer pong.

IMG_3016  IMG_3013 IMG_3011


IMG_3022 IMG_3027

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