Barely Healthy in Paris


This was my second trip to Paris this year and I was doing my usual thing…eating. I truly believe if you don’t gain weight in Paris you aren’t doing it right. I was training for my half marathon while I was in Paris and I was stuck between a rock and a hard place; running and cheese/wine. Since I was a chaperone our adult free time was from 9 pm til 11 pm when we would do bed checks. This was our time to breath a little, drink some wine and enjoy some nice cheese, and chat. So as soon as we released the kids to free time at the hotel I would quickly change and then go for a 30 minute run. Instead of walking, stretching, and drinking water I would run straight back up to the adult group sweaty and gross and catch up for my missed time. Sure a morning run would also be an easy solution but I am the Queen of the snooze button so that really wasn’t an option.

(Fabulous lunch in Le Marais)

I also was able to do a few “first” in Paris this time. I went up the Arc de Triomphe and and then deep underground to the catacombs. I wasn’t impressed with the catacombs but that could be because I am a little bit claustrophobic. The Arc de Triomphe though was not a let down. I personally think the views are better than the Eiffel tower.




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