Camping Baked Goods


When I go camping I always want to bring a baked good. Actually whenever I’m going anywhere I want to bring a bake good so this isn’t that different. I decided to make something for breakfast and dessert when we went camping in Telluride in August (Telluride post to follow). I wanted to bake something that I hadn’t baked before and something kind of simple but fun—a pop tart was the winner. I made peach because that was in season and cinnamon brown sugar because that is one of my favorites. The recipe was an easy one and the end results were so cute—it was like adult pop tarts!



For dessert it was a no-brainer …s’mores. Instead of individual s’mores I decided to go bigger and make one large s’mores bar. Basically you put graham cracker batter at the bottom of a square pan then layer chocolate bars and marshmallow fluff and then seal it with the batter again and bake—bonfire camping heaven.


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