What I Learned: Drumettes


On my way over to my sister’s house to watch the MSU football game on Saturday I decided we needed to make some good football apps. I decided to call my brother-in-law John instead of Kara because he’ll have better suggestions and by better I mean more delicious. We decide on wings and nachos and he sends me a recipe since I am on my way to the store alone (key part here is alone). I stand there in the chicken section looking for the wings and drumsticks. I find the wings really easily but not the drumsticks. The only thing I see in front of me are the big drumsticks and I know I am looking for the tiny ones. I keep looking and can’t find any so I think to myself hmm maybe the drumsticks are it? Maybe they cook down? Wrong! That was a dumb thought. Let me teach you something I learned this weekend— people there is a thing called a chicken drumette. Did you you know that a drumette is not a tiny drumstick but actually the upper part of the chicken wing? Or that the chicken wing actually has three parts to it? I’m hoping some are saying no so I don’t feel as silly. Turns out the chicken wings I bought still had the drumettes attached so not only did we have chicken wings and drumettes like normal we also had an additional three pounds of actual drumsticks. I must say as I was eating the three different types of chicken I wasn’t too upset by my mistake.

Looking at the bone size difference just makes me laugh. How could I have thought they were the same? You live and you learn…

Crispy Bake Chicken Wings- Buffalo and Ginger Soy sauces (warning the buffalo sauce is very hot!)



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