Tackling A Fear: Eggs Benedict


Kara and John attacking the recipe!

I am a true lover of eggs Benedict. It has been my favorite breakfast item for as long as I can remember. Every birthday my mom would make it for me and the love for the poached egg, hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon, and English muffin kept growing. Though my love for eggs benedict is very real I never attempted to make it. There was something about the sauce curdling or the eggs not poaching right that scared me enough to keep me out of the kitchen; until now. At age 26 I decided to tackle my fear and I am so glad I did because I am happy to say eggs benedict is not as hard as it looks! Let’s first start with the fact that there are only five ingreditens; eggs, Canadian bacon, English muffin, butter, and lemons. Second if you are nervous about the poached eggs watch this video and you won’t be. Third the hollandaise sauce; the most important part of the recipe, if you let your butter cool and slowly pour it in to the blender you will have light heavenly sauce. I was on an eggs Benedict high for about a week because of how amazing it was.

My advice—stop fearing the eggs Benedict; cook it today! This is a perfect wow breakfast to serve around the holidays.

P.S. I have always been told how unhealthy hollandaise sauce is but cooking it really shows it. With that said embrace it and don’t skimp on the butter, just don’t eat this everyday.

Egg Benedict Recipe



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